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Top 10 Programming Language You Need to Upgrade to this 2021

Technological advancements are opening new frontiers for software developers and computer science professionals. The demand for skilled programmers armed with the knowledge of the latest programming languages has never been so high.

Moreover, from data science to machine learning and the Internet of Things, not to mention the traditional sectors like health, finance etc., and proficiency in a programming language is almost a prerequisite nowadays. Therefore, to hop on the bandwagon of opportunities and derive your career towards the path of success, upgrading your skillset with the knowledge of programming language is very crucial.

However, choosing a programming language to learn could be quite confusing as there are 100s of languages available. No, worries though, as we have got your back. Through careful analysis of various programming languages, their ups and downs, usability, and versatility, we have selected the Top 10 Programming Languages you need to upgrade to this 2021. So let's check out the list:

1. C/C++

Nothing could beat the elegance and beauty of code written in C or C++. That is why we have placed the two veterans of software development: C and C ++, in the first place. Despite their age, they continue to be the backbone of modern software development. Their relatively low level of abstraction allows them performance, unattainable by most of the modern-day languages.

From programming embedded systems and operating systems to create services for the IoT, they can be used in almost every field.

The only catch is they are not as easy to learn as the other more modern languages like Swift. However, once mastered, they give you an immense advantage over others in the same field.

They may have a steep learning curve; however, their versatility and power make them a must to learn if you want to master the art of programming or software development.

2. JavaScript

The reigning king of web development in recent years is none other than Javascript. If you want to enter the web development space, learning JavaScript is almost imperative. It has topped the Stack Overflow's 2020 Developer Survey for the eighth consecutive year in 2020 and continues to be the most popular language.

Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript has been the backbone of front-end development. However, thanks to the Node.js runtime, which is based on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 engine, it can now be run on the server-side too. Therefore, in recent years it has captured the attention of backend developers too.

Moreover, in combination with TypeScript - it's super-set which, when compiled, generates Javascript code, it greatly speeds up the software development process. The widespread use of JavaScript across all the avenues of web and software development makes it worthwhile to consider for learning in 2021.

3. Python

It is one of the simplest and most effective languages. One advantage of Python is that the language is very versatile. Python can be used almost anywhere. Regardless of whether you want to develop on the back end of a website or a mobile app, or if you want to deal with data science, Python has become indispensable for this and many other tasks. It has recently gained a foothold in scientific research avenues too.

Python is particularly famous among data and machine learning professionals. The high integration with C, which is extremely performing, has allowed the creation of sophisticated Machine Learning libraries. Armed with these libraries, Python provides programmers with a simple interface to analyze large amounts of data. The popularity of Python is mainly due to its versatility and ease of use. Therefore if you want to learn a programming language that is easy to come by, you should start with Python.

4. Ruby

Ruby is one of the most popular and versatile languages that is gaining huge traction. This open-source language focuses above all on ease of use. Since its release in the mid-90s, it has gained more and more developer’s attention. In 2020 it became one of the most adopted programming languages in the repository uploaded to GitHub.

Its main feature deriving its popularity is its versatility and the speed of development of Web applications. Moreover, its integration with the Ruby on Rails framework has further made it successful. If you are looking for a language to kickstart your programming career in 2021, consider Ruby your starting point.

5. Go

Go, or GoLang is one of the many languages supported and developed by Google. Just like Ruby, Go is open source and aims at simple, efficient, and, above all, reliable software development.

It fully realizes the paradigm of concurrent programming. Moreover, Go offers particularly short compilation times even on the standard mid-level system too. It is an ideal language to develop data pipelines, machine learning packages and web servers.

Furthermore, it manages the memory independently, with an excellent garbage collection system. With Google heavily emphasizing Go, it seems that the language has much brighter days ahead.

6. Kotlin

JAVA has a complex syntax, and many do not appreciate it, especially newbies just starting to tread the programming path. For any such person, Kotlin can be the best alternative. Kotlin can be considered as the close relative of JAVA. It has all the goods of JAVA combined with its unique features.

It allows you to write code simpler, more efficiently, and concisely while preserving compatibility with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Thanks to this peculiarity, the user will not notice any difference compared to using programs written in Java.

Furthermore, with its concurrent programming features, you can run complex procedures in parallel. Lightning-fast speed and easy to execute syntax make Kotlin a very popular choice for a programming language to upgrade in 2021.

7. Swift

If you want to wet your feet in iOS application development, Swift is where you should start. It's a language par excellence that was conceived and developed by Apple. Its constantly improving performance and its simplicity, which aims to make it resemble text written in natural language, make it the ideal tool for development on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac.

Furthermore, following the WWDC Worldwide Developer Conference held back in 2019, it was further optimized in functionality thanks to the integration of SwiftUI support. With this new and powerful framework, the development of the graphical interface in Swift is now even simpler and faster. As Apple's products continue to soar in popularity, there is vast opportunity in iOS development. Therefore, if you onboard this multifaceted language in 2021, you can reap the benefits in years to come.

8. C#

A veteran among programming languages, C # still a favorite of many developers worldwide. Since long C# is considered as the opponent of Java. Just like the latter, its strengths are speed, reliability, versatility, and portability. "Write once and execute everywhere" - this is its philosophy, making it a truly versatile language that goes strong even in 2021.

Thanks to excellent support from Microsoft, which develops and continues to update it, it allows you to create software and applications for smartphones and Enterprise backend software. If you want to learn how a programming language works or executed at the most basic level, then C# is your calling.

9. Java

Java is and remains to be a cornerstone of programming. It has a very large developer base that uses it for its development projects on a daily basis. Moreover, it is widely used for the development of enterprise-level software.

Despite the verbiage and a steep learning curve JAVA still enjoys huge popularity. It continues to be one of the most preferred languages even in 2021. Its versatility, reliability, and huge availability of frameworks make it an ideal choice for varied development projects.

10. PHP

Even with the advent of many modern programming languages with easy-to-understand syntax, the popularity of PHP has not diminished a bit. It continues to be employed in various web projects. Its popularity, despite the passing years, remains constant.

Most of the Internet sites we use everyday work thanks to PHP. If you want to dabble in the field of Web development, then PHP is surely a language that you must learn. Sure, it is a scripting language but, despite this, the latest major release has significantly increased its performance and security. In short, it is an excellent tool for creating Web services.