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College CET CODE E112

Basic Science Laboratory

Engineering Chemistry Lab:

The Engineering Chemistry Lab has a wide range of equipments. The lab is neatly designed, spacious and well-ventilated with a capacity to accommodate apparent number of students. The lab accommodates with separate balance room and chemical store room.

It provides students with a practical approach towards the various techniques used in engineering application. Practical awareness is inculcated and students are trained both quantitatively and qualitatively during the lab sessions so that their understanding and problem solving abilities can be enhanced.

The practical knowledge of chemistry gives a wider scope for new inventions and creativity.

Engineering Physics Lab

In this lab, the students have hands on experience of handling advanced instruments of optics in Dark room, learn the applications of semiconductors, Electromagnetism, Elasticity, Oscillations, and Resonance etc.

The physics lab makes the students understand basic concepts in physics and Applied physics and also provide an exposure to latest technological changes in physics related field. The laboratory exposes the students towards the advanced physical measurements and methodologies.