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College CET CODE E112

Science is the basis for all the branches of Engineering discipline and the Basic Science Department stands as the main supportive department of SKIT. As a fundamental department, it supports all branches of Engineering; emphasis is laid on basics of Science and Engineering.

The Basic Science Department mainly comprises of Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry which form the main pillars of the Engineering programme. The Basic Science Department has well qualified, experienced and highly motivated faculties. The department has got a good infrastructure with well-equipped spacious laboratories. The department provides outstanding teaching to the students to excel in academics. As prescribed by the VTU, the department conducts Induction Program for the First year students which give them the college bird’s eye view about various dimensions of Engineering and the career opportunities for their future. The program also makes them to get acquaint with the environment of the college.

Many faculty members hold doctorates from reputed Universities across India and few are pursuing research in multi-disciplinary areas. The department is granted with several funding agencies for pursuing the research work. The department has been working towards fulfilling its mission through a synergistic combination of teaching and research.


To provide quality basic education and training in Basic Science.


To be a dynamic and competitive center of excellence in learning, teaching and research in Basic Science to ensure that the technical needs of students are addressed.

Aiming for perfection and making them into better techniques.

Dr. Shankara B S

Dr. Shankara B S

Head of the Department for Chemistry Dept

The Department of Basic Science came into existence since the inception of SKIT in 2001. Department of Basic Science & Humanities subjects are the foundation subjects for all the branches of engineering and technology, Department imparts to build a firm base as part of the Engineering Education. The department plays a vital role in teaching basic sciences courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the university in I, II, III & IV year of B.E.

The Department enhances knowledge in subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry etc. Well educated, talented and dedicated Faculty and Staff Members are the backbone of this department. Presently department has 15 faculties out of which 7 are doctorates. In addition to the primary teaching duties, all of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession.

The teaching module comprises of lectures, tutorials and practicals along with various other initiatives. Faculty members perform the role of a perfect facilitator as Mentor to each section. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovation strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and active interaction between teachers and students. The purpose of inducing the subjects of Basic Science & Humanities in Engineering study is to lay a solid foundation of basic concepts for innovative future with limitless opportunities. Therefore, the department acts as an active catalyst to develop perfect approach to unlock their hidden talent, personality and communication skills to fulfill the needs of young engineers.

Course Outcomes:

Faculties frame the Course outcome by using the four components: Action, Knowledge, Condition, benchmark and shall focus on what the student should know and realistically be able to do by the end of the course.


Choose the Action verb required for learning based on the level, this measures the student ability in demonstrating the concept which is required (Apply, Analyze, . . . .).


The Knowledge and its level required to reach/achieve the concept, some of the concepts required are specific to the domain knowledge.


what are the conditions on which the above knowledge specified is achieved / or the conditions under which the operations happen to achieve the above said knowledge.

Bench mark

To characterize the acceptability levels of performing the action. Bench mark methods are specified for the Optional element.